Poetry in Motion – Notes on Longing by Tina Chang

I found the poem “Note On Longing” by Tina Chang on the R train. When I first read it, I felt like I was watching a video. The words are like a video player that play the scene into my mind.  It was describing a peaceful night that a family was having a dinner together. The art that goes together with the poem shows a white towel with strips, a pair of green socks with some kind of patterns on it and a white towel with grid pattern are hanging on a red string on a very sunny day. This picture gives me a warm feeling which matches the feeling that the poem gives to me. But, I do not think the art is the best for the poem, because the poem is describing a scene which happens at night. This poem was chosen to be subway reading, I think it is  because the poem can make the subway rides more relax and make people feel like their simple peaceful life is the best. A peaceful after-rain night, duck meal, egg over rice, family dinner and sizzling flounder all makes people want to go home and feel less stress. The poem is exploring the beauty of life. The scene that the poem describes was the dream life that the speaker wants to have. It makes me want to cherish my life more. I think this poem is very easy to read. I can picture the scene very easily.

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