Poetry in Motion-Remembering Summer- W.S. Merwin

In searching for a poem for my blog post #1, I found a poem on the A train titled “Remembering Summer” by W.S. Merwin. My initial reaction to reading this poem was enlightenment at the thought that this poem was here to bring joy to the riders that happened to notice this great piece of literature. All the bright colors and fine lines that flowed around the poems white background was a real attention grabber, but still people just passed it by. I feel this particular poem was chosen for subway riders to read because it is calming and relatable for a New Yorker to long for the summer.

I feel the speaker is a fellow New Yorker, talking about his love of summer and longing for its arrival. This is supported when the speaker says “I can sit here now still listening to it, which is the final line of the poem. This supports the fact that he can still hear this sound that is so pleasant to him at the thought of summer.The poem explores a few themes such as love, Longing, and admiration. The themes are  supported when the speaker says only negative thing about winter and pleasant things about summer. I think this poem is accessible to the general reader because it does not make you think too much about the message. One of the questions I have about this poem is what was the purpose of adding the ninth line “the evenings with the hens still talking in the lane”. How does that line relate to the rest of the poem.

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