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Mon, November 26 we will meet at the library

Hi everyone,

One last reminder that we will meet at the library on Monday, November 26th to work on Paper #2 with a librarian.   We will meet outside the entrance to the library on Monday, November 26th, the class after Thanksgiving. If you are late, you can find us in the library classroom by going up the stairs inside the library, and making a right turn to room 540.



Changes to Schedule–readings/deadlines

Hi everyone,

Here are some changes to our syllabus (readings/deadlines) for the next two weeks:

For Wed, October 31–we’ll be discussing Alicia Ostriker’s  poem “Thirsting”–online link on OpenLab and Margaret Atwood’s poem “True Stories” (in textbook pp.217-218).

Wed, October 31st at 10 am is the extended deadline to put up Blog Post #1–Poetry in Motion.

For Mon, Nov 5th, we’ll be discussing Sylvia Plath’s poems “You’re” and “Metaphors” (both are online links).  We will not be discussing Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy.”

Monday, November 5th is the due date for handing in revised paper #1.

Wed, November 7th is the due date for comments on Blog Post #1.  Please comment on at least one other student’s post.  Commenting on more than 1 post will earn extra credit.