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Advice for Revising Paper #1

If you are opting to revise paper #1, the due date for the revised paper is Monday, November 5th.

When you hand in your revised paper, you must hand in your original (with the grading rubric attached) and write a one-paragraph summary of changes you’ve made to your paper.

The most important area to focus on in revising Paper #1 is adding specific details, both to your analysis of the poem and to the section of the paper about a specific course or person. 

Below is a handout that should give you a sense of the level of detail Paper #1 really needs.  This paper needs to be more than 5 paragraphs in order to provide specific details. Adding details can mean being more specific in your analysis of the poem, or it can mean being more specific when you write about the person in your life you are connecting to this poem.

Questions to consider:

  • Have I quoted from the poem in each body paragraph where I’ve discussed it?  Where would adding a key word, phrase, or line be helpful to my reader?  Are there images from the poem that would flesh out a key point I’m trying to make?
  • Have I given strong details about the specific person I have written about?  Have I explained how I know them, how long I’ve known them?  Have I thought about who, what, where, why, how? 
  • Have I given examples of specific, concrete experiences?  Have I illustrated and explained?


Revising Paper 1 with details