Your papers and your final grades

Hi everyone,

One last reminder that you can still post Blog Post #3 until midnight tonight to receive extra credit!  You can also post comments to Blog Post #3.  The deadline for posting vocabulary words has passed.  

Starting January 2, I will have graded Paper #2 and you may pick it up in the English Department (Namm 512). You should ask the department secretary, Ms. Lily Lam, and she will return it to you.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 pm.  The phone number is 718-260-5392.

I am hoping to have final grades posted in CUNYFirst by the end of the weekend.  If you want a breakdown of your final grade (or to know your grade on the final exam), please email me at once your final grade is posted.

Final grade calculation:

Paper #1: 20%
Paper #2: 20%
Midterm exam: 10%
Final exam:15%
Quizzes, classwork, participation:10%
Open Lab Work: 25% (10 vocabulary words, 2 required blog posts, 3 required comments; Blog Post #3 counts as extra credit and erases a failing vocabulary quiz grade)

Here’s my poet website that we looked at in class today:

Wishing you all a restful January–I really enjoyed our class this semester.

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