My Thoughts on Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word poetry is something I see more often now than written poetry, but I don’t have a preference really, it depends on mood and what my mind thinks I need. There are more lounges people go to perform or listen to hear those works of art. In the documentary we watched in class “ louder than a bomb”  it showed me a lot of different styles of spoken word and how serious and important it is to a lot of individuals. Spoken word gave a lot of those student hope and a coping mechanism. A pen to a paper to express how they felt and let the world know how they felt. Expressing how much they go through, to dreams and aspirations, to things people just don’t want to discuss. I use to write poetry when I needed a way to calm down but didn’t want to tell anyone at the moment. I applaud them for the courage to go in front of audience and share their work, it could be intimidating sometimes.

I view rap as a way of poetry as well from different artist like Tupac, Floetry, and H.E.R artist from different decades some from rap and some for R&B backgrounds. From Tupac’s keep your head up and H.E.R  songs pigment and against me, and Floetry’s say yes ; it’s all poetry and it’s raw with a touch of melodies behind it. It’s excited to see poetry incorporated in rap, I also liked how it was depicted in the movie ” Love Beats Rhymes”.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Spoken Word Poetry

  1. Mei Ling

    I agree with you that it takes a lot of courage to do spoken word poetry since it can be intimidating. From someone who is very shy, whenever I speak in front of other people my heart starts beating faster and faster. Slowly I start to lose self esteem, so I understand that it’s intimidating. Like you, I also don’t have a preference between spoken poetry and written poetry. I just like to sit down and listen or read another person’s work than reading or making my own poetry. Although I don’t use poetry as a coping mechanism, I know people who do. They usually calm down after reading a poetry about nature or life. I’ll read some of them before and when I read it, it sounds so gentle and I understand why poetry can be use as a coping mechanism.

  2. adamjr98

    Yea, I basically mentioned the same thing, without spoken word there most likely wouldn’t really be rap or hip-hop. Along with the other examples you used, Tupac used to be the king of spoken word with a beat behind it (Rapping), and if I remember correctly I know he used to do a little bit of spoken word before being heavily involved with rapping.


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