Homework # 3 XWORLD

Playing this game was really fun and interesting. Initially was a little hard to understand the process but after a few tries I got the hang of it. I named my bacteria XWORLD, hoping that I would be able to eliminate the human race. On the first game I started in China since the large population would contribute to the extent of the spread. I try to keep an eye on the news and see how I could use them to help spread the disease. I started the game on October 17, 2015. About 150 people were infected on day 62. in three months there over 120.000 people infected. The first death took place about one year later in China. During the game one i tried to use all the points to my favor in order to potentiate the effects  of the bacteria. It was so obvious how quickly the disease was spreading especially in highly populated areas. I used my DNA points for the symptoms, but that was not enough. Pretty soon the cure was developed and I was not able to eradicate the human race, unfortunately.

On my second try I wanted to start in Canada, since the climate is a little cooler and the population is lower than China. Starting date of the game was October 17, 2015.  About 100 people were infected on day 45 and by five months period over 100.000 were infected. During my second try I keep some of the symptoms hidden, trying to see if that changes the course of the disease. It seemed that if the symptoms were not noticeable the disease spread quicker. regardless of many adjustments that I made, the bacteria was not deadly yet to eradicate the world. Because I started in a cooler environment and less populated than the first one, this allowed for the bacteria to be slower in spreading and the cure was found faster this time around. So, unfortunately I ended up killing less people this time around not able to eliminate human kind.

What is so interesting about this game is that it gives us a visual idea on how the disease spreads, and how easy it nowadays considering air travel. If a bacteria of virus were to be deadly in nature, the humanity can truly suffer and elimination can be a potential outcome if the cure is not developed on time.  Stopping the transmission can break the cycle and allow enough time for cure to be developed.

I will give this game few more attempts until I eliminate humanity…. Interesting and fun game to play.

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