At my first go with Plague I decided to name my bacterial disease ‘Toxy Roxy’ and I started her in Egypt. The start date was October 17th 2015 and by December 12th it had infected 100 people, just over a year later on November 4th it infected 4 million people, the 1 million mark escaped me. The first death by Toxy Roxy was on August 5th 2016 so I think the one million mark would have been between August and November. The disease spread so fast it managed to wipe out the human race in just 588 days, something I am rather proud of. The second game I played I created ‘Brocco’ on October 20th 2015 and put him in China. I immediately noticed that Brocco spread faster globally whereas Toxy Roxy spread faster continentally. Since China is a richer country than Egypt it was understandable that this would happen seeing as thought they have more international travel and trade. The first 100 people were infected by December 24th 2015, a similar rate to Toxy Roxy, just a tad bit slower. Brocco had infected 1 million people by March 25th 2016 and the first death by Brocco occurred on February 17th, 2017. In a mere 681 days from his creation Brocco wiped out the human population. With Brocco I knew that the first death took longer because I was focused on evolving transmissions rather than symptoms. I did this because after creating Toxy Roxy I played a few more times and had a game where I infected 75% of the world but my symptoms were so deadly that everyone died and the disease eradicated itself. So from that game on I learned that a good tactic to play is to spend DNA points on transmissions rather than symptoms because the symptoms will evolve on their own. This technique works it just seems to go by slower since the first death takes a while so I just put it on fast forward and watch the world come to its demise.

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