I am familiar with Plague, I have been a casual player for over two years. I have always been infatuated with how diseases are transmitted and how fast they can spread and become an epidemic. This game is perfect way to “kill the World”

My first game my disease was called “VeggiePox” so named because I wanted a pandemic that didn’t have to do with wild stock and could easily affect any area in the world. So I started in Pakistan and chose water and air as the initial mode of transmission. I made it more susceptible to warm climates and the symptoms started out as vomiting and sweating.

How long did it take to infect 100 people? 35 days approx.

1 million? 80 days approx.

First death occurred at 259 days approx.

Veggie Pox destroyed the human race in 605 days, Greenland was conquered pretty fast. In my experience playing the game Greenland is always the hardest to defeat, I believe it has to do with the cold arid climate and the population being sparsely dispersed. In the first game cure was only 33% completed, I believe this was because of the area where the epidemic was started and the countries surrounding it. How my disease moved from country to country dictated how I evolved the disease itself and what kind of aid would be contributed to finding a cure.


The second game had a very different outcome. This time my disease  was called Plgbrngr and started in Canada. This time my strategy was to develop the disease slowly, because it is a more developed country I did not want to hit them strong and start development of a cure early. None the less that did not keep my disease from being eradicated.

How long did it take to infect 100 people? 60 days approx.

1 million? 100 days approx

First death was almost a year after initial infection. 

Plgbrngr did not destroy the human race it was eradicated at 781 days. It did take a while for the epidemic to be cured I believe I had over 1.5 billion death’s but I had a few countries in warmer climates that were slow to spread the infection. I don’t believe it was an issue with the climate because I had evolved the climate resistance, it may have been the mode of transmission. I had more of a rodent and air transmission, once transportation was halted in different parts of the world It killed the transmission and how lethal disease.

When a country is more developed it has the resources to shut boarders and develop cure more easily. I like to read the little pop ups throughout the game, it helps learn how the countries are learning and adapting to the disease itself it helps you mold it and make it more effective. In the first game because it was a third world country it was harder to get the word out about the pandemic before it infected the whole world. In the second game because a large country with a large amount of travel coming in and out, it was dealt with swiftly and effectively. Plague is a wonderful game to learn how disease works and would be perfect as a learning tool in microbiology and even pathophysiology. My ultimate goal is to become an epidemiologist at the CDC and learn about diseases in real life. That would be my dream job!


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