Anjie S: Hw #4: Is It Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

In my opinion, I don’t believe the Mona Lisa should be put in storage. The Mona Lisa painting is iconic. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of that ‘Mona Lisa’ smile up close and personal where all the details of the painting can be seen. I remember in class a student had mentioned that in her hometown of India, she was learning about the Mona Lisa as early as elementary school – that just shows how real the hype is over Mona Lisa, she’s popular all over the world. I understand how the painting could serve as a security hazard in the Louvre, however, the Museum’s director has said that they will be taking further steps to alleviate the pandemonium that this painting has been causing with new entrances and timed tickets. I believe that anywhere the Mona Lisa goes, there will always be large crowds, there’s no way around that so the painting should just stay in the home that its always known – the Louvre.

Anjie S: How Would You Rebuild a Gothic Church?

In my opinion, The Cathedral of Notre Dame should be rebuilt in the same gothic style that it was originally in before being destroyed by a tragic fire. As the saying goes “old is gold,” the original design is a classic. Truly iconic. The cathedral is known for its rib vaulting, flying buttresses and beautifully stained glass windows – all of which are characteristics of a gothic church. Of course the rebuilt church won’t look entirely identical to the original because of material and other elements, however, as Karl Garzuel said, it can be rebuilt without tainting the character of the building.

Anjie S: How Evil was Commodus?

The Bust of Commodus as Hercules portrait portrays Commodus as a very powerful and authoritative figure. His head and chest are encompassed with the skin of a lion perhaps as a symbol of protection by such a fierce animal. He has a club in his hand that was most likely used to scold or reprimand those who did not abide by his rule. In his left hand he has some golden apples which symbolize immortality. This is especially significant because Commodus thought he was the reincarnated Hercules, a divine Roman hero who was also the son of Zeus. Upon reading Lampridus's biography, I learned that Commodus wasn't at all what he was portrayed to be. He was a very vile man that abused his power and went on senseless killing sprees. He was a complete lunatic who even went as far as renaming certain months such as September to Hercules and insisting that his flatterers refer to them as their new names. The biography even stated "Even as a  child he was gluttonous and lewd. While a youth, he disgraced every class of men in his company and was disgraced in turn by them. Whosoever ridiculed him he cast to the wild beasts." It is clear that violence and anger took over Commodus's life and spoke to his soul.He thrived on being destructive.