Anjie S: Hw #4: Is It Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa?

In my opinion, I don’t believe the Mona Lisa should be put in storage. The Mona Lisa painting is iconic. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of that ‘Mona Lisa’ smile up close and personal where all the details of the painting can be seen. I remember in class a student had mentioned that in her hometown of India, she was learning about the Mona Lisa as early as elementary school – that just shows how real the hype is over Mona Lisa, she’s popular all over the world. I understand how the painting could serve as a security hazard in the Louvre, however, the Museum’s director has said that they will be taking further steps to alleviate the pandemonium that this painting has been causing with new entrances and timed tickets. I believe that anywhere the Mona Lisa goes, there will always be large crowds, there’s no way around that so the painting should just stay in the home that its always known – the Louvre.