Diana Reyes Homework #3

after reading the article I totally disagree with this photograph being stage. I don’t think such photograph can be stage Robert capa happen to capture the picture at the right moment. also after reading the article statements made from “captain frank ” saying that the solider fingers were curled up towards his palm area meaning when the photograph was taken the solider was already dead. After reading this article I come to a conclusion that Robert capa was a dedicated war photographer who capture real life war photos. Risking his own life to bring pictures for the world to see the actual war.

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homework #3

The first time i saw Robert Cappa’s photograph I didn’t know if it was stage or not. After reading Richard Whelans article i believe that Cappa’s photograph is not staged. I came to this thesis because Captain Franks said that the soldiers fingers are curled towards his palm area. This only happens when a person is already. Which means that the soldiers was already dead when the photo was taken. This goes to show that a dead person cannot pose in a photo. In my opinion authenticity in photographs don’t really matter. Whether its real or not every picture has its own meaning. It also doesn’t have to be real in order for the photograph to send a message.

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Homework #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Robert Capa’s war photos were one of the most famous war photos. Why are they famous? the photos caused so much controversy of rather they were staged or not that it caused a lot of people to question Capa himself.  In Capa war series that was published,  there were a few photos that made people question the realism. There were two photos of soldiers getting shot and another photo of all the soldiers taking a photo together. I don’t think the falling soldier photograph is staged. I agree with the reading in the last few paragraphs, it tells of how the soldiers left hand is curled towards the palm which means it has gone limp which means the soldier was already dead. if this was acting a normal person would try to extend their hand to catch themselves has they fall like the soldier is the photograph. This is a reason that proves that this photograph is not staged.

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Henry Gomez Homework #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Having reviewed the article and seeing the image I don’t believe such image can be staged. In my opinion although they share good points to prove this is a fake picture due to there not being a gunshot wound i still believe it takes a higher level of skill to depict the reaction of being shot. The authenticity does matter in my opinion because it shows a lot more meaning behind the photograph. If this is real we get a feeling of wow this is happening around and nothing is being done and gives off more of an impact on someone. If this was staged you will probably get bits of the same experience but wouldn’t pay to much mind to it because you could just ignore it as if that sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

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Homework #3

At first when I saw this picture, I really couldn’t tell it was a falling solider who was captured in the middle of falling from a gun shot, until I saw it up close. You have to be so lucky to catch such a picture. There is no way it can be fake. He was just at the right place and took the picture at the right time. For a second the picture that Robert Capa shows in up close of the falling solider, the most decisive element in his reading is the soldier’s left hand. Franks (the chief homicide detective of the Memphis Police Department and a talented sculptor and photographer) believed that the fingers were somewhat curled toward the palm which indicates that the man’s muscles have gone limp and that he is already dead. Lets just say if that was true, how did he stand the dead person in an upward position? If you can’t explain that then the picture is 100% real. No matter what the article was detailing about how it can be fake I just couldn’t think otherwise. I don’t find Robert Capa’s arguments convincing. This photo was widely famous for a reason, its because everyone thought it was a cool and realistic looking picture and most thought it was not staged at all including me. I do believe authenticity matters and this picture does represent that. It’s a one of a kind and definitely real.

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Homework #3

Although Whelan’s builds a good argument to prove Capa’s photo is fake, it does not convince me enough to support it. Capa’s photograph may seem fake to some extent because it only shows the soldier and nothing else or no one around. There is also the argument that there is no gunshot wound shown anywhere in the body which is one of Whelan’s arguments. I argue that death is unique in every way possible so one cannot judge how the soldier is positioned or falling. In Whelan’s argument, there is a close up of the soldiers hand and there is an explanation of how when a person dies the muscle of the body tighten up and the soldiers hand shows just that.

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Homework #3 Robert Capa

In history, many photographs have had controversies behind them and some of them were known to be more staged rather than authentic such as “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” and Alice Liddel as “The Beggar Maid.” After reading Richard Whelan’s article, I believe Robert Capa’s photographs are authentic. Whelan shows a convincing argument when Captain Robert L. Franks explains how in the picture, the soldiers fingers were curled towards his palm because of the body’s reaction to pain and falling. I agree how no one would really think about doing this when faking their death.

I believe that authenticity does help prove a point but I don’t think it actually matters. A photograph can show any picture as long as it sends the message of saying what it is trying to advertise. Sure it would be more convincing if it was real. For example, if dealing with a debt crisis, a staged photograph of a family sitting in the middle of a side walk with dirt on their clothes or even a person dressed in rags would definitely send the message saying that there is a depression going on. If they were actually poor and suffering from the depression, than yes, it’s even more convincing, but they both still send the same message.

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HW#3 Dino Zambrano

After analyzing Robert Capa’s photograph “Death of a Loyalist soldier” and reading the article about Robert Capa. I believe that Robert Capa’s photograph is fake and staged. One of main reasons, I believed it’s staged, is how his body is position in the photograph. When a person is shoot their body falls towards the ground without any crazy gesture. In Robert Capa’s photograph, the soldier looks like he threw himself and his gun, to give a more dramatic scene for his photograph. Another reason I believed the photograph is fake, is how there’s no other soldier around or next to him. In that era, wars were fought with thousands of men next to each other in order to grab the other dead soldier’s weapon. Overall, in my opinion I believe Robert Capa staged his photograph to get a better reaction and awareness of his photograph. I think Robert Capa saw inspiration for his photograph through Alexander Gardner’s photograph “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter”. He saw that even after Gardner admitted his photograph was fake, he still got credit and success through that photo. Robert Capa might as well wanted the same thing Gardner received and also wanted take a staged photograph for a more dramatic look.

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Dayana A.- Homework #3- Robert Capa’s Photograph

For me Robert Whelan’s arguments do seem convincing and do prove to me that Robert Capa did take a real unmanipulated photograph. It makes no sense how someone can think that this photograph is staged. To me, I think it is not staged. How can someone in the middle of a war, take time and stage a person for a photograph? I believe there are a lot of convincing statements and enough evidence to prove that this photograph is real the way it is.

For me, the authenticity of a photograph does matter. The reason I say this is because a photograph shouldn’t be posed or manipulated in order to make it a good photograph. I know some photos do have to be staged, but I believe having it as most authentic as possible is key to becoming a good and real photographer.

Overall, I think there is more than enough proof to say that Robert Capa’s photograph isn’t staged.

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his arguments did convinced me because all those picture was shot at a perfect time. so it became nonsense to me and i think it may be fake, because when you there in a war about to record what how soldiers fight for a war you won’t able to take a perfect picture, what i mean is you can not be so precision to photo a picture, because when you hear a gun shot your first reaction is to run, nobody would stay there and take a perfect photo.

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