Based on the arguments of Robert Whelan, I feel that Robert Capa’s photograph of the falling soldier has a good chance of being real. The story where the group of soldiers are in a trench and the falling soldier is shot is a feasible one and I think that it’s entirely possible for Capa to grab his camera and take the photo before the soldier falls completely.

At first, I felt like it would be impossible for Capa to have reached his camera in time to take the photo but it makes sense for the body to hold up its position for just long enough to take a quick photo, especially since it looks like the photo wasn’t properly positioned and focused.

At this point, I feel like Capa’s photograph was not staged. My opinion is greatly affected and biased because I have read Whelan’s account of the story behind the photograph so I do not think that I am a very reliable source to question regarding this photograph.

I do not think the authenticity of this photograph has as great an importance as many place on it. It has already served its purpose as war propaganda, and the only difference it would make to find out the truth is to correct the history books. While correcting the history books has its own importance, I do not think it makes that great a difference in the lives of the average person.

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