HW#3 Dino Zambrano

After analyzing Robert Capa’s photograph “Death of a Loyalist soldier” and reading the article about Robert Capa. I believe that Robert Capa’s photograph is fake and staged. One of main reasons, I believed it’s staged, is how his body is position in the photograph. When a person is shoot their body falls towards the ground without any crazy gesture. In Robert Capa’s photograph, the soldier looks like he threw himself and his gun, to give a more dramatic scene for his photograph. Another reason I believed the photograph is fake, is how there’s no other soldier around or next to him. In that era, wars were fought with thousands of men next to each other in order to grab the other dead soldier’s weapon. Overall, in my opinion I believe Robert Capa staged his photograph to get a better reaction and awareness of his photograph. I think Robert Capa saw inspiration for his photograph through Alexander Gardner’s photograph “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter”. He saw that even after Gardner admitted his photograph was fake, he still got credit and success through that photo. Robert Capa might as well wanted the same thing Gardner received and also wanted take a staged photograph for a more dramatic look.

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  1. cindia says:

    Hello Dino. I’m sorry but i totally disagree with you. I think the picture is truly real. You clearly did not read the article. If you would have then you would know they did research and all these allegations are fake. They have proof of where Capa was on that day he took the photo and they even showed how Robert Capa took the photo. Get your facts straight :).

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