HW #3 Kevin Ruiz

Robert Capa was an astonishing photographer and he took a risk by going to the site of the war to take photos during combat. I believe why they think it was fake was because they never seen death caught on camera it was very rare on that time period and also his job was to uncover the truth on this war and he managed to do that. i mean why would he make it staged if he wanted to recover what was going on in the war and this pictures says it all so to me it wasn’t staged. A lot of people question if it were fake because it was uncommon for a photographer to get this, they usually get the before and after war pictures and this was something they never seen it was an actual getting shot at during combat. But i do understand why they thought it was staged because a certain someone that staged his photo which was Alexander Gardner ” Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg” i could see the controversial with this photo and the one with Capa. This changed photography because it made us realize a camera could do more then just take normal picture.

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