Henry Gomez Homework #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Having reviewed the article and seeing the image I don’t believe such image can be staged. In my opinion although they share good points to prove this is a fake picture due to there not being a gunshot wound i still believe it takes a higher level of skill to depict the reaction of being shot. The authenticity does matter in my opinion because it shows a lot more meaning behind the photograph. If this is real we get a feeling of wow this is happening around and nothing is being done and gives off more of an impact on someone. If this was staged you will probably get bits of the same experience but wouldn’t pay to much mind to it because you could just ignore it as if that sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

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  1. Kelly-Ann says:

    I agree. Capa’s photograph definitely could not be staged. However, I do think that it has equal impact whether we believe it is fake or real. Simply because, it is still unknown if it is or not. The fact that there is speculation after decades has passed has proven how iconic this photograph is and it’s affect. Yes, when we know something is real there is a much different feeling and reaction, but here, whether staged or not, there is reality involved. Capa brought evidence and a feeling of war through his war photographs, something that couldn’t be defined by words, and had not been seen by civilians. So the feeling of being real still existed.

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