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Cecilia Taveras – Homework#2 Walker Evans’ Subway Portraits

Most of the greatest artist and photographers are known for their most great talented work and Walker Evans is one of them. Walker Evan was most known for his snapshots of subway passengers during the great depression era in New … Continue reading

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Dayana A-Homework #2: Walker Evans’ Subway Portraits

To me, after reading the New York Times article and viewing some of the images Walker Evans took, it was very interesting to see his works of art. It was very unique to read in the article, how Mr. Evans … Continue reading

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Homework #2

I think that Walker Evans has a captivating way of taking photographs of people’s expressions on the subway. People don’t often take pictures of other people riding the subway. In my opinion, capturing photos of people on the subway without … Continue reading

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Homework #2: Walker Evans’ Subway Portraits

Walker Evans has been one of the most influential photographers to many photographers and artists. His candid subway portraits were such a great success because he was able to capture the emotions and moods of people. They were unposed, lost … Continue reading

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Homework #2 Walker Evans Subway Portraits

Walker Evans’s passion for photography propelled him to secretly capture the images he saw regularly on the subway. Being a photographer myself, I wish I could take portraits of straphangers especially with the diverse population and culture of New York … Continue reading

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Walker Evans Subway Photos

Walker Evans is a great and interesting photographer during his time. He was able to take pictures of several people on the train without them noticing. By doing this he is able to show how people look in their natural … Continue reading

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Homework 2 Walker Evans

My favorite aspect about these photographs is that Evans was able to capture them without the person knowing. By doing this, he was able to capture a very real and sincere facial expression without being posed. This I find very … Continue reading

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homework# 2 diana reyes

Walker Evans subway photographs are really impacting to see his dedication into his work on the photograph. Is inspiring to see the dedication he has to view NYC subways system during those years. Evans photograph not only sends a message to the people … Continue reading

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Walker Evan’s clandestine approach to photography is a real surprising one to me especially considering the obstacles he had to go through for this project “a project for love”. Evans knew that the NYC subway system was the perfect place … Continue reading

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homework # 2

I think that Evan Walker has a really interesting way of taking photographs. The way he takes photographs are so different from others. I have never seen anyone take pictures without taking their cameras out in facing their focus. He … Continue reading

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