Walker Evan’s clandestine approach to photography is a real surprising one to me especially considering the obstacles he had to go through for this project “a project for love”. Evans knew that the NYC subway system was the perfect place because he saw that people did nothing but look at each other. The fact that Evans went as far as to hide his camera under his coat to take his pictures of people shows the passion for his photography/project. Walker Evan’s values of a photographer are felt when he waits 25 years to publish his photos because he felt he violated the people’s privacy. In today’s time, the people who ride the subway don’t have the same similarities as the riders from back then. Today, people are on their phones or tablets either listening to music, texting, reading, or talking on the phone. People back then would just read a newspaper, magazine, or stare at the next person cross from them. Walker Evans expire many future photographers with his photos, that many didn’t recognize see as art. He proved to the world that a regular everyday routine such as riding the subway, can be consider art as along as theirs a message behind your photo.

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  1. eunice says:

    I agree when you state that Evans’ values are shown as a photographer due to his wait of 25 years, I thought the same thing reading that. Also the dedication he had to go all the way to hide his camera is just amazing! I also agree with the point that you bring up that today’s society is more focused on their electronic devices, which is such a sad truth. I do believe that electronic devices are taking away from today’s life and many of us are missing out on the world around us. Evans’ photographs should be considered a finer art.

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