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Dayana A.- Homework #3- Robert Capa’s Photograph

For me Robert Whelan’s arguments do seem convincing and do prove to me that Robert Capa did take a real unmanipulated photograph. It makes no sense how someone can think that this photograph is staged. To me, I think it … Continue reading

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Dayana A-Homework #2: Walker Evans’ Subway Portraits

To me, after reading the New York Times article and viewing some of the images Walker Evans took, it was very interesting to see his works of art. It was very unique to read in the article, how Mr. Evans … Continue reading

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Dayana A.-Homework #1: Cellphones & Photography

Hello Class and Professor Cheng, My name is Dayana & I’m in the Monday 11:30am History of Photography class. This is my second year at City Tech and my major is Hospitality Management. With all the knowledge I am gaining … Continue reading

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