Dayana A.- Homework #3- Robert Capa’s Photograph

For me Robert Whelan’s arguments do seem convincing and do prove to me that Robert Capa did take a real unmanipulated photograph. It makes no sense how someone can think that this photograph is staged. To me, I think it is not staged. How can someone in the middle of a war, take time and stage a person for a photograph? I believe there are a lot of convincing statements and enough evidence to prove that this photograph is real the way it is.

For me, the authenticity of a photograph does matter. The reason I say this is because a photograph shouldn’t be posed or manipulated in order to make it a good photograph. I know some photos do have to be staged, but I believe having it as most authentic as possible is key to becoming a good and real photographer.

Overall, I think there is more than enough proof to say that Robert Capa’s photograph isn’t staged.

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