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Henry Gomez Homework #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Having reviewed the article and seeing the image I don’t believe such image can be staged. In my opinion although they share good points to prove this is a fake picture due to there not being a gunshot wound i … Continue reading

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Homework #2 Walker Evans Subway Portraits : Henry Gomez

Walker Evans displays his work in a very unique way. The way he was able to capture the image of a person on the subway was clever. Using his clothing to cover up parts that won’t make other suspicious of … Continue reading

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Homework #1: Cell Phones and Photography by Henry Gomez

Hello I’m Henry and I am majoring in computer engineering at City Tech as a freshman. In my opinion, phone photography has started the moment you were able to upload a picture directly from our phones on to social media. … Continue reading

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