Homework #1: Cell Phones and Photography by Henry Gomez

Hello I’m Henry and I am majoring in computer engineering at City Tech as a freshman.

In my opinion, phone photography has started the moment you were able to upload a picture directly from our phones on to social media. It isn’t a shock that this was going to turn into a trend. In addition to that nowadays most consumers get the new top of the line smartphones because of the camera quality of the phone. Phone photography is a great way to start taking pictures if you enjoy it because you never know if you will enjoy it more and get into photography and move on to purchasing a camera and taking it a bit more seriously. Having a camera in your pocket is a great thing rather than a huge camera as seen in the video because you may bump into a perfect opportunity for a picture such as a sunset or a piece of art. It makes people creative because they will move around in order to find the perfect angle or filter that will make the picture stand out. I believe that phone photography would be considered art because as as seen in the article both amateur and professional photos were chosen that being said, almost anything can be considered art if you share the same mindset of the person taking the picture and being able to see what they see as art.

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