Homework #1: Cell Phones and Photography

Hello everyone, my name is Argenis Cabada and I am a freshman here at city tech. I am currently majoring in the field of a computer engineer.

In the late 20th century cell phones has become common place. Now that they have built in cameras, artwork and photography has truly evolved to a new level. Now artists can instantly snap a photo with out having to carry an enormous camera. In the early days of photography artists had to go through a long process of acceptation to get there photos into the public. Now all we have to do is tap our phones a few times and we can instantly share our pictures to the public through social media. Food photography has boosted in social media. In the video the comedian exaggerates on how people would rather snap a photo before eating it. I agree with the comedian to a certain extent. The way most people portray food in their phones isn’t a true form of art but just a way to show off what you are eating. I believe that art has a story and meaning behind it. Showing everyone what you’re about to eat isn’t art and the story can already be predicted.

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