Homework #2 Walker Evans Subway Portraits : Henry Gomez

Walker Evans displays his work in a very unique way. The way he was able to capture the image of a person on the subway was clever. Using his clothing to cover up parts that won’t make other suspicious of what he was up to. This allowed him to catch a unique and real image of a person on the subway without them knowing they will become a piece of art. Everyone has a different expression which makes Evans project more interesting because it captures the fact that no two people are alike. Although it took him a couple of years to release his work it shows that it was worth the wait because of the amount of pictures that he has taken and knowing that there are more that didn’t make the cut shows that he was really into his work. As for similarities of the people being photographed then to now there isn’t much of a difference. Most people are usually minding their own business and avoid eye contact while on the train. If there is a time that there is a similarity it will have to be if you do something to catch their attention in which everyone will give you the same awkward stare.

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  1. amok says:

    I agree with you he has a unique way of capturing people’s emotions and face expressions when no else is around looking and the fact that he was clever enough to hide his lens in his clothes made it 100 times more interesting . I also agree on the fact that no two people had the same expression and that everyone was different in their own way. The part where people knowing that they are being photographed is true especially in that time Period where a photographs were still new so most people didn’t know how to act around it and with his little experiment it showed people in their natural state

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