Cute Photography

Jason Lee’s mother is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so he was not able to bring his daughters to visit her, as they were often sick as well.  Originally a wedding photographer, he started to take photographs of his daughters so his mother was able to see how they were.  His photographs are extremely cute!  Some photographs were staged in a way that I did not see how it was possible.  For example, one of his daughters was duct taped on the wall.  Yes. TAPED!  You may want to see these photographs for yourself, but I must warn you that there may be a cuteness overload.

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4 Responses to Cute Photography

  1. sandyng925 says:

    this is super cute, its sad that his mother was diagnosed with that but very sweet that mr lee has given her the oppotunity to view her grandchildren

  2. mohsensoofi says:

    not only cute, creative photography too

  3. vera says:

    It definitely takes a really skilled photographer to take photographs of kids. Children do not often pose or control there emotions. They are always climbing, building, exploring, trying out new things. Parents usually photograph their kids on holidays and birthdays just to capture changes as they grow. Making a picture of your kid a part of your everyday life is easy, making it look professional is not. I think Jason Lee did a great job not only taking photographs of his children but also photo editing his works. I adore his style and the intensity of color in his photos. It would really be interesting to look at his wedding photography.

  4. Carmen K. Ma says:

    I saw these photographs from my fd’s facebook page. Its very lovely and creative how Jason Lee capture her two daughter’s protraits!

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