For Artists, a Hand-Held Revolution of Point and Click

This article interestingly enough focuses on the effectiveness of capturing images through the use of a camera and how art is affect through a simple snapshot… stating that the competitive relationship between painting and photography at the drawn of the 20thcentury…the photographic culture has change the dynamics of a painting in which many painters are using photography as another way to capture art…along with ; throughout the article it mention famous photographers who capture different themes of art to either tell a  story or capture something in hand…”thus far, the relationship between the artist photographs and their paintings isn’t very complicated. Some artist such as Vallotton and Vuillard, who understood that the snapshot altered sights as much as it preserved them”…Whether it’s a drawing my a painter or an image taking by a photographer it each represents an image that can serve as one purpose or  define in one term…What is the true meaning of capturing art? Can it be changed or altered by a simple photograph?

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