Rosa Luciano HW # 1


This is a cookie dough shake that is served at a popular restaurant called Black Tap. Many of you may be familiar with these shakes because they are all over media. When I first visited this restaurant it was at the beginning of the summer. Although I had gotten a meal from this place and it was really good what had caught my attention the most was the way these shakes were made. I had ordered the cookie dough shake as shown above and just by looking at the shake before tasting it I knew I was going to enjoy it. The top of the shake that include most of its detail had a very soft and moisture taste and feeling. The whip cream on the top had a fluffy texture and the cookie itself is soft. Overall this is a very sweet dessert but is enjoyable to have. I find this shake very exclusive because I never seen one as detailed as this one and I recommend everyone to try it.

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