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Getting Started on the Education Narrative

Who is a role model for you as an architect?As a writer?As a student?As a person?

One huge role model for me as a person in general is Kobe Bryant. Rest in Peace for starters, but that man is such a huge inspiration for me and just a major role model for me. The way he was such a great player on the court and a great husband and father to his kids at the same time was incredible. I loved how fearless he was with everything he did like nothing stopped him on the court and I would love t o have that exact energy he had on the court with architecture. I loved how he proved that he could do anything, nothing stopped him whatsoever and I would love to carry that same mindset for the future. Whatever he wanted, he worked so hard for it and I find that truly inspiring. He was one of the reasons I actually believed that hard work can take you anywhere in life and It definitely did for him, he left a legacy behind and established himself as one of the greatest players of all time. Kobe will always be a role model for me and just an example of how my energy and mindset should be if I want to succeed in my career choice.

What is a moment, a person, or experience that has led you to choose architecture as a major?

It all started with my high school choice. The high school I was attending had three programs which were construction, engineering and architecture and when selecting the program, I just chose architecture because it sounded interesting. At first in freshman year I hated it so much, I thought this career was not for me because I wasn’t used to drawing so much and sketching. However the more I did it, the more I started to like it and as the years start to go by, I start to really enjoy it and do very good in it actually. I started to get 95-100s on every assignment and I had fun doing it which was the most important thing for me. I started to go on trips and research a lot about the career and I loved what I saw. It seemed pretty self explanatory to me to choose architecture as a career because I grew to love to do things such as sketch and use cad programs and from my grades I was doing good in it so why not pursue it as a career. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of architecture at first, I grew to love it due to my high school experience and the fun times I had with it. 

What’s been the hardest thing you’ve had to learn-again, in formal education or in life? 

Throughout life, there have been many hard things in life I had to learn and accept and even to this day I still hate to accept. One major thing that’s been the hardest to learn was the fact that the past can always affect your future no matter how and what it is. Whatever choices you make as life goes on can always affect how your future will be. In addition, if you decide to put the work into your dream goal and work every night rather than partying, it will greatly change your future because you will be much closer to achieving that goal rather than wasting your time on partying. Just managing time is a very key point to this topic because time is very limited and you would always want to make the most of it as possible. Another example could be if you are being careless and you go around and start talking smack about other people and no one knows about it however, a month or so later the people who you were smack talking find out and they could get you into real big trouble for just a couple of words. Having careless choices is one way the past can negatively affect your future.


  1. Andre.j.Chen

    Kobe Bryant is still a big inspiration, many people can relate to you including myself. We’re all not so different, Kobe never stopped when he got his achievements, he always strived for greatness. We can push ourselves to be like him, having that mindset and energy for our goals

    Lol, you were in the same situation as me, I didn’t care for architecture in the beginning, it just grew on me just like you. the fact that we use our imagination and creativity to draw and sketch out buildings on a piece of paper is very satisfying, especially when you put a lot of effort into drawing those straight lines XD

    “The grind never stops”, I can see that you have that mamba mentality. It’s interesting when you said that decisions you make can drastically change your future, you could be kicking back partying or you could be grind’in towards your goals.

    Overall, I could see that you’re working hard for your life’s goals. When you said that Kobe was your role model, I saw how he showed the light for your path, never striving away, work’in hard to reach that finish line.

  2. Jody R. Rosen

    Alvin, throughout your responses here, you identify a few major topics that can become guideposts in your education narrative. It’s clear that those ideas resonate with Andre, so that’s really useful peer feedback. What I would recommend as you continue working on Project one is 1-you think about what is most important to take from these answers into a cohesive narrative, 2-you decide how those pieces fit together, and in what order, and 3-you get really specific about these aspects that are so important to you. Instead of speaking generally about how Kobe Bryant is an inspiration, can you think about a particular moment that showcases that, and how you incorporated those ideals into your own life? Maybe a particular game or an interview with him you saw? Similarly for the hard lessons, if you were to choose one (and I think the first will likely fit the narrative better), what’s an example of your choices from the past affecting you now and into your future?

    A narrative has a beginning, middle or middles, and an end, but they don’t need to be chronological. Think about where you want to start your story–is it when you didn’t know much about architecture yet? or is it when you had to choose to continue in architecture for college? Or maybe it’s when you aced an exam or project and saw your place in the field.

    I’m looking forward to meeting with you and to reading this project as it develops!

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