Project 1-Getting Started on the Education Narrative

While re-reading my project 1, a couple things I would revise is getting into a bit more detail in my reasoning towards my answers. I feel like if i got into more detail, the reader would have understood the text more and could possibly relate to it.

Project 2-Reflective Annotated Bibliography

After re-reading my Project 2, I actually really loved how it came out but one thing I could elaborate on is the importance of eliminating space. I could elaborate on why the environment being quiet is the most important and how it could help in many situations. I could also explain on other things that could be distracting besides noises and your phone.

Project 3-Writing in a New Genre

After reviewing my project 3, a couple things I would revise is the explanation of my personal experience, I personally feel like it could have been more detailed. In addition, I would have added on to explaining Jane’s experience because she also has a personal experience that other students could learn and relate to.

Final Reflection

After reviewing my Final reflection, a couple things I would revise is that I would add other examples from my other projects other than project #2 since that’s the only project I referenced. In addition, I could have went more into depth on how I can use my skills to other uses such as describing what the uses could be directly.

Two highlights of comments that I made