Throughout this semester, I’ve grown as a reader and writer in many ways that can help me in the future.The knowledge I gained can massively help me in other skills such as pursuing my architecture career. It has given me the opportunity to transfer the knowledge I have learned and make it useful to many other skills that can heavily benefit from it. For example, in many assignments we did, I wrote about my architecture career and It made me reflect and think about why I am so interested in the career as I never got the chance to actually think about it. In addition, there are so many things I learned about the career as a whole just from writing assignments based on it. This english semester gave me a chance to grow as a reader, writer or even a person in general and an opportunity to reflect on life.

As a reader, writer and researcher, one project that has really resonated with me is Project #2: Annotated Bibliography. This project taught me a very notable lesson on how to complete tons of work in such a short amount of time with no frustrations. I always had a problem with taking a long time completing projects and I knew myself that the reason I took so long is because I kept getting distracted by little things such as noise or my phone but I never took action upon it. However, there was one architecture project that was driving me nuts and I took action upon the distractions and It helped massively and I knew to myself that I wasn’t the only one who had this problem and I would love to help people who had this problem. As I stated in my Annotated Bibliography from “21 Ways Architects Can Work Smarter, Not Harder”, “Try working fewer hours, not more. This forces you to focus on the most important tasks. Plus, research shows that working more than forty hours is downright unproductive”. When I found this statement I had to include it inside my assignment because I felt that It resonated with me the most as I have been in many situations where I felt like the work became unproductive because of the long hours I spent on it. I definitely learned how to work smarter, not harder while being able to reflect upon how it could be helpful towards me in the future.

Going into this semester, I wasn’t really expecting to learn anything new in english because I always thought we would just learn the same things every year in english or we would just read books and talk about them. However, this english class turned out to be completely different as we talked about other things in life that we will have to overcome eventually such as pursuing a career. One outstanding thing I learned in this english class that I can most definitely use in other skills such as architecture is the ability to work in a timely manner by placing myself in an atmosphere that provides no distractions. If it wasn’t for writing my Annotated Bibliography, I would have never had the chance to reflect and realize how much the environment played a role on me completing my work. As I stated in my Annotated Bibliography, “Time is very limited as an architect and you would be able to make the most of it by working in a space where you are concentrated and work the best”. This extremely useful skill I learned during this class can be transferred throughout anything in life that provides loads of works that might seem overwhelming at first. In addition, this tip can be used during my architecture career as well because architects need lots of time and focus when working on projects and you would get that at its highest point in an environment with no distractions. This skill would help me save so much time and frustrations for the future and that comes a long way because not only I would save time but most likely the outcome would be much better as well. Therefore, learning the tip to work in an environment with no distractions can be transferred to many other uses such as my architecture career.

This english semester has definitely been a journey that I will never forget because of all the skills I learned that I could apply to other uses in life. I know that classes were online and it truly is a bummer that we weren’t able to be in person but I believe that we made the most of the online classes and still learned the same amount of work. I learned how to observe better due to the Plato allegory and I learned how to reflect much better and what reflecting actually means due to Project 2. The work I learned in this English class compared to others was drastically different because in most classes, I learned the same skills over and over and nothing new to the point to where I would remember it and even use it in life however with this class, I learned skills that I don’t think I will ever forget because I will be using them not just in other English classes, but in life in general. This english semester has definitely been an experience I will never forget and remember because of all the useful skills I learned and will continue to use in the future.