Tera Cunningham RR5 Poetry

In the poem by E.E. Cummings “she being Brand” the tone is more happy and and excited to be “driving something new”. The play on words obviously shows that he is talking about more than just a car. In example he says “I went right to it flooded- the- carburetor cranked her up, slipped the clutch (and then somehow got into reverse she kicked what the hell)” It shows that he isn’t really talking about a car. He is talking about being intimate with a woman for the first time. The line suggests that he was too rough or fast and hurt her so she pulled away. The action of driving the car is a metaphor for having sex with a woman.

In the poem “Coming Home Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine the tone is more serious, kind of sad. Levine talks about the car factories in Detroit and how they paint the colors of the sky with their smoke. In example he states “A winter Tuesday, the city pouring fire, Ford Rouge sulfurs the sun, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chevy gray.” They are all companies that are in Detroit. The companies are all emitting different color smoke into the sky. The poem talks about the racially divided city riot that has happened. How people lost a lot and still have lingering memories and it is with them everyday. A quote to support this is “You stop and wonder what came off, recall the snowstorm where you lost it all.” Both poets use cars to get their feelings across whether its happy like E.E. Cummings or a sad memory like Phillip Levine.

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  1. rmichals

    You do a good job of citing specific lines from each poem to support your points.

    The car can be a vehicle (couldn’t resist the pun) for any emotion depending on how used by the author seems to be your point.


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