RR5: Poetry and Metaphors – Wilbert Perez

After reading both poems, I believe e.e. Cummings is trying to exemplify the relationship between a man and his new vehicle towards the sensation of having intercourse with a female, as if they shared a similar drive or motion. When Cummings says “just as we turned the corner of Divinity avenue I touched the accelerator and give her the juice,good” I believe he was deliberately describing the intensive humping experience of riding a fast new vehicle in which you have complete control over whilst the thrill with having intercourse with a brand new woman. The following poem by Phillip Levine, the poet is mentioning the hidden ugly truths about a city that once prevailed in US business in the boom of the automobile, while social injustices and poverty struck those who needed help the most. In the grand sense of a fueling economy, America sometimes pushes it’s issues aside to tend to later if it can make the country or city a couple more dollars. To provide the economy what they need, we’ll sacrifice the community issues and let the cities culture deteriorate as the factories keep on burning for more dollars.

In a compare and contrast sense, the two poems represent both a negative and positive feeling when you consider the thought of a vehicle and what it can offer you and in the same way take away from your own life or others.

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  1. rmichals

    In your last sentence, you touch on the important question of what is the value of a car? Is it the pleasure and freedom of the driver or is it the ecological disaster of its manufacture and the miserable working conditions in the factories where it is made.


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