Class Work RR3

According what we have watch in class today, We can see that  powerful images can bring in so much more powerful messages to the readers. We have watched the still life painting in Dutch 17th and 18th century. From my opinion, I like the Jan van Huysum painting, Vase with Flowers the most. Compare to the Rachel Ruysch painting Fruit and Insects, Jan van focus more on the details, and it has more contracts in the painting. The details of Jan van’s paint is the amazing emphasis. She paints out the details on the flower, the water drop, the insects and even the boy on the back.

The last thing we watch in the class is the shooting from Hector Rene Membreno-Canales. I think the way he use the the style of Dutch is pretty effective. Also I am agree with what people say in the class about his photographs. His shooting represents mortality, and also it is saying when we enjoying the world this second, there is always somethings bad happens in the other side of the world, or maybe the one who next to you. This set of photographs represents death and mortality. The interesting point is he is using wines, foods and fruits to connect with soldiers and their guns. Therefore, I think these photographs are effective and it is an interesting way to get this kind of message.

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  1. rmichals

    Certainly, the level of detail in the Dutch still life paintings is amazing. What else characterizes the style?

    You state you think the work is effective but I am unclear why you think so. What is the relationship between the wines, foods, and fruits and the weaponry? Why does Hector Rene Membreno-Canales use a style from art history?


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