Mikhail Reid: Hw1 Advertising campaign

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The campaign “Gatorade: Sweat it all” by Gary Land (Photographer), Brent Anderson (Group Creative Director) & Annie Johnston (Art Director ). This campaign message intend to tell the audienceĀ to help rehydrate their body quickly and help improve performance and productivity. Gary communicates this message by showing the athletes need to re-energize to continue either playing the sport or practicing for the next game. The images make you feel that you would want to drink this product to keep you going in any sport that you part take in just by looking how the athletes perspire and ready to get back to the game. As you can see the photos are taken from an eye to eye level. The Serena Williams ad photo have an high key which is mostly light tones, selective focus (Serena and the product is in focus while the background have an blur effect)Ā and also the type of lighting Gary used was front light. On the other hand, Dwayne wade ad have high contrast which have light and dark areas, sidelit lighting and selective focusĀ (the athlete and the product is sharp and as you can see the Miami heat logo and basketball hoop have a soft blur) . Personally these photos Gary land took are both mirror and window and the reason for that is; the audience Ā who are viewing the ads can relate and feel what these athletes go through on a daily basis to increaseĀ their performanceĀ . It gives people a positive message to motivate them push to their limits further and exceed their goals to have a good performance on the field for the world to see.

2 thoughts on “Mikhail Reid: Hw1 Advertising campaign

  1. Barrington Simpson

    i think you hit the nail on the head. The key detail on the perspective and the main idea of the campaign seems to make sense and it would be the goal for the gatorade. However i don’t think its both a mirror and a window. I think the set up with the trophy sweat stains on their shirts would make it more of a mirror.

  2. rmichals

    These photos are complicated but I would say mirror of the viewers’ fantasy that if you work hard i.e. sweat, you can be a star athlete. or I should say work hard and drink Gatorade. I don’t think there is a positive message here. We don’t see the athletes actually working out. the tagline sweat says it all is moderated by the Gatorade. Somehow gatorade will make your sweat attractive, make you a winner. Not your own effort or talent.


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