MIkhail Reid Mirror & Window

In the first picture Mirror is taken place by the women looking at her reflection of her daughter, which is in the vehicle. The photo has an overall dramatic feel to it, just by the way the mother looking at the daughter with disappointment. The lighting also gives that dramatic feel which comes from side; shadows casts to side with mostly light tones.

The second picture also show mirror which show emotion of the child, and it shows the distance of the two children from each other in the garage showing depth. The first child seems to be eager to look for someone.

One thought on “MIkhail Reid Mirror & Window

  1. rmichals

    The two pictures while having some similarities are also different. They do both express emotion but in the first one it is the psycho drama of the family. In the second one, it is a reaction to the social conditions of the child. In the first one, the Crewdson, the people are models and the whole thing is set up. In the Winogrand photo, it is a photo of someone’s actual driveway and garage.


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