Final Project Proposal

My final project prompt is going to be a hair campaign specifically based around women of color and how they are treated based on their hairstyle and discrimination they get for their hair in the workplace. Many women even in this day and age still receive discrimination or may not even be hired for a job based on the way they wear their hair. Many women of color have their natural hair in afros, dreads, braids, or just out loose and curly or even their hair colored or dyed and are comfortable with their hair and how they choose to wear it. I think that this subject needs more attention since discrimination like this still happens not just necessarily in the workplace but throughout society but it is noticeably prominent in the workplace. My idea for how to handle the shoot is to have at least 3 models that are women of color and have their hair in different styles; out loose, braids, etc. and have them dress up in workplace attire button shirt, slacks etc. and have them maybe contrasted standing next to someone who would be perceived as having ‘appropriate’ hair and attire etc. I would still have to illustrate thumbnails for the shoot but I have ideas. I was also thinking about the lighting and set up like having maybe a grey backdrop with dramatic lighting similar to some of the photography examples from our midterm quiz.

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