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Group Process Paper – submissions

Thanks to everyone for submitting your papers – I’ve only glanced through them so far, but I’m impressed with what you were able to accomplish in a short time!  I’m posting them here, in case you are interested in taking a look.

  • Bridges and Walking Tours Group (SinFong) – paper
  • Mutilated Checkerboards (Julia, Joseph M, Latina, Sidney) – paperexamples
  • Mutilated Checkerboards (Jian, Rushda, Joseph R, Stacy) – paper
  • MIU Game (Marina, Leonardo, Farjana, Victor) – paper


Group Process Paper – Grading Criteria

Hi everyone,

I am sure you are all working hard on your Group Papers (due Tuesday!).  As you know the paper is worth 35 points, and I wanted to give you some idea of how these points will be assigned (this list of grading criteria will be developed into a more formal rubric in future semesters).  I will be filling out the sheet below for each paper submitted.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Prof. Reitz


Semester Project – Puzzle Process Paper
Grading Criteria

_____ points (3 possible).  Basics/formatting.  Length (1500 words required).  Group members names.  Semester/Date/Course.

_____ points (2 possible).  Puzzle description. Description given in own words, demonstrates understanding of puzzle mechanics.

_____ points (16 possible).  Proof process narrative.

_____ points (4 possible).  Shows progress across various stages of the project.  

_____ points (4 possible).  Includes all participating members of the group.  

_____ points (4 possible).  Includes objective facts (“what we did”) as well as experience (“how it felt, what it was like”).  

_____ points (4 possible).  Tells a story.

_____ points (5 possible).  Conjecture.

_____ points (3 possible).  State your group’s conjecture.

_____ points (2 possible).  Proof or disproof of conjecture. If no proof or disproof was obtained, these points can be earned by clear explanation of proof process in the preceding account.

_____ points (9 possible).  Images (3 points each).  Original or clearly attributed.  Includes caption.  Connection to puzzle/process is evident.  


____ points TOTAL (35 possible)