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9/2 DO NOW challenge – ants on a stick

Just a reminder, there is a +10 homework bounty on the DO NOW question from today:

100 ants (zero-length points) walk on a meter stick (a line) at 1 cm/second. When two ants collide, they both reverse direction. If an ant reaches the end of the stick, it falls off. What arrangement of ants maximizes the time before all ants have fallen off? How long can they last?

To claim the points, be the first to submit a correct solution AND a proof (at this stage, let’s say a proof just means a clear explanation of why your solution is right).  Submit either by email, by commenting here, or handing it in on paper.

END DATE: You have two weeks, ending 9/16/2014.

HONOR SYSTEM: Please don’t search for this problem on the internet (or if you do, don’t claim the points).