More Clients, More Work!

I work with the Chief Executive Officer, Jordan Elisabeth Gelber. I was lucky enough to be referred by Professor during the first week of the semester. At first, I did not think the internship was going to work out, The Jordan was very hard to get in contact with. When I expressed my concerns to the Professor, she encouraged me to reach out in several ways before throwing in the towel. After a week or so of having thin contact with the CEO, we were finally able to have a telephone interview. The process not out of the ordinary. Jordan has had successful interns from City Tech they are referred. So there was established trust and I have a genuine interest in film production, editing, and broadcast design which makes me a good fit for this company. After inquiring about my experience, we set up the starting date.

Once I started I was thrown right in working on concepts for videos and photo shoots for in-house productions. The next week I met with the Beauty Company Client one on one to draft signs and service menus for a new UK location. Currently, I completed a media deck for a fitness company and assigned work for advertisements for a series of events for a new client. While coming to the end of my Senior year in college I have been struggling to figure out where I wanted to take these skills, but this internship is helping to define what ways I will be marketing on upon graduation next year.

My instinct was to jump right in a create fun backgrounds to make the document interesting. The deck was inspired by elements from the companies’ website.



Samples from the 98 page deck


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