Pajamas & Design!

Working from home brings a whole new set of challenges. I have learned that starting at 10 am still means I must wake up early and get myself ready for work. When I am doing professional work in my pajamas I find that I am too comfortable, and I tend to get distracted easier. I tried to find a comfortable café to work out of, but I prefer free coffee from my kitchen and Wi-Fi that is secure.

I was given the task of creating event ads for an actor who was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nicholas Brandon. Unfortunately, some of the advertisements I designed were not on the brand color scheme, so they could not be used.  This situation had me pretty upset at myself. My Jordan r told me not to be afraid of “getting super creative”. I did, and I also left the brand behind too. I could not fix the issue because I was unavailable the next day, just when it was needed. Learning how to do better is all that can be done moving forward, but I wish I could have caught the issue before I clocked out for the night.

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