The bulk of my tasks are related to video editing. Currently, I have completed one video blog entry for Jordan’s blog and I am working on sizzles for an online show Love Darviny. The sizzle is to help secure funding for the next season. For this project, I am going to be taught the process for getting sponsors in addition to the correct way to create this media. In addition to video editing, I am also a creating a business to business media deck for an Exude, a Fitness Company. What is interesting about this project is that the client is not actually clear about what they want. We waited for the client to send the copy for the deck and when we received it instead of a complete transcript they wrote a summary of what it should say including an “etc.” instead of indicating intended information. I do not understand.

Now that the internship further along into the term, my defined rolls include but are not limited to designing decks and layouts and video editing. Having my supervisor spell this out for me is helping me refine skills that I will be selling for my own future business is a priceless opportunity.

Here is a link to watch a draft of the sizzle for Love Darviny.

Love Darviny

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