I started a graphic design project for Wink Brow Bar during my first days at this internship, but as the weeks progressed I have been working more with my supervisor. My co-intern, T who is a graphic designer is assigned to the beauty company project. Our supervisor and T finished the video loop advertising the brand services (eyebrow waxing, threading, and tinting) for Wink. Because I started that project, I do wish I could have completed it, but I know the project is going to be successful in the end. When T needs access to files or wants clarification she texts or calls me. We speak directly to the person we are seeking information from, small team no politics here.

A conflict did come up later in the project when T contacted me to find files. I was meticulous about having the updated files in the Google Drive but the client and I called one file two different things. The file I started were rough mockups for vinyl decals for the Manor location. I called the file Manor Deck and the client called it the Vinyl. T did not investigate the folders that I uploaded to the drive, so she was unaware where the vinyl file was in fact there. This file needed to get the final edit for the printer and the client needed to approve the work. T was presentient with texting me for information, but for me, this was not cutting it and I called her to quickly sort out the issue. Once I got clarification on what this issue was I was able to direct T to the file location.

At the end of the work day, I upload files to the shared drive and email my both the client and Jordan the updated task sheet and project status updates. In the future, I should also include the whole team on the email to avoid miscommunications. Overall, this was a great learning opportunity.

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