Jumping Right In!

I work with a startup production company called Starbaby Enterprises. The CEO Jordan is transitioning their company focus from public relations, marketing, and counseling to in-house content. This is a small private company where my co-intern T and I work directly with the CEO. The tasks as an intern her is video editing and graphic design.

My first few weeks with the company I was able to work remote from home completing a vlog for the CEO’s YouTube (Vlog) . When the team met for the first time, it was of a hotel lobby of Maxwell. Comfortable work space with great coffee. Because of the Jewish holiday, I met directly with the CEO of the Wink Brow Bar one on one developing in-store signage and service menus.

Bellow are mockups of in-house wall signage for the pending United Kingdom location.

First Floor Wall

Upstairs Back Wall

Above is the working file of the service menu.

Starbaby was founded in August 2013, this year marked their 5th year. During this time the founder was featured in two articles by YHM Mag. https://yhmmagazine.com/2013/12/04/jordanelizabethgelber/

The first article is all about Jordan’s accomplishments. Founding Starbaby at 25 and having a successful career as a graphic designer. She also planned the Janique Fashion Show that was featured in the article also.

The second article The Burlesque Boudoir; All You Need to Know https://yhmmagazine.com/2014/08/15/burlesque-boudoir/ describes Jordan overcoming negative comments from people on a social media post. Her message to the haters, “There is a stigma that women can’t be smart and sexy. I want to show that I could be the brains behind my project and I have the [guts] to really put myself out there.” I couldn’t agree more.

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