This last week it was Jordan’s birthday and she invited us to the outing. I missed the dinner part of the night, but I was able to connect with the group at the bar later that evening. I followed my professor’s advice and kept my outfit casual, and it still worked well with glow stick jewelry that was bestowed upon me. It was an older crowd and I found myself with nothing to really say. I tried to connect with the woman next to me but we both fell short on conversation material.

The CEO was tipsy, still composted and still coaching me when I was unable to answer a question. I think I really got lucky with being her intern. She genuinely wants us to succeed and learn how to independently become financially secure while becoming a “badass boss”. I did nurse an adult drink for the brief time I was there. I was obviously uncomfortable in the situation of meeting this established group of people and I need to investigate ways to relax and be more open while networking and just getting to know people in a relaxed environment.

I have learned some tips that in hindsight should be applied all the time.

  • Have your introduction ready
  • It’s about getting to know who they are, not your insecurities
  • Mingle with many people, try to talk to everyone who is open to conversation.

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