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Here is where the journal of the experiences I’ve had while interning for a creative entrepreneur. This is an unconventional experience where I am learning a lot of skills at a rapid pace and trying to keep the mistakes minimal. There is no time to be nervous when a job needs to be done, and it won’t get done if I do not get started. Here are my recapped internship adventures.

Deck? Say What!

I was tasked to create a media deck for our company using the website as inspiration. The conflict with this is that the company is going to be rebranded and the existing site is plain. When I presented a deck that mirrored the website I was told it needed to pop more. When it is this project’s day to be reproached I have no choice but to do what comes naturally to me. Creating patterns to incorporate into the slides. Jordan was reluctant when this was used on the Exude deck but in the end, the client loved it, not sure if she did though. Until there is other information/inspiration available I will just have to follow my gut.

Check out the progress so far: media deck

The Gram!

Creating Instagram advertisements for NB’s tour was an overall abstract project. I was given a link and told the colors that he likes and sent to the computer. First, I was overwhelmed with all the information I thought needed to be included. The flyers were too wordy and boring. The next batch was less wordy but still not fun. Jordan’s notes were to make the flyer an event I would want to go to. This was not much help because I would rather go to an intimate event that requires no flyers, but I tried again. The problem was that I was trying to solve the wrong problem. This flyer is not about the event, it is about having an experience with a star! From that, a new fun fresh, and kind of fan-girlish approach was created.

Works in progress:

Pajamas & Design!

Working from home brings a whole new set of challenges. I have learned that starting at 10 am still means I must wake up early and get myself ready for work. When I am doing professional work in my pajamas I find that I am too comfortable, and I tend to get distracted easier. I tried to find a comfortable café to work out of, but I prefer free coffee from my kitchen and Wi-Fi that is secure.

I was given the task of creating event ads for an actor who was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nicholas Brandon. Unfortunately, some of the advertisements I designed were not on the brand color scheme, so they could not be used.  This situation had me pretty upset at myself. My Jordan r told me not to be afraid of “getting super creative”. I did, and I also left the brand behind too. I could not fix the issue because I was unavailable the next day, just when it was needed. Learning how to do better is all that can be done moving forward, but I wish I could have caught the issue before I clocked out for the night.


This last week it was Jordan’s birthday and she invited us to the outing. I missed the dinner part of the night, but I was able to connect with the group at the bar later that evening. I followed my professor’s advice and kept my outfit casual, and it still worked well with glow stick jewelry that was bestowed upon me. It was an older crowd and I found myself with nothing to really say. I tried to connect with the woman next to me but we both fell short on conversation material.

The CEO was tipsy, still composted and still coaching me when I was unable to answer a question. I think I really got lucky with being her intern. She genuinely wants us to succeed and learn how to independently become financially secure while becoming a “badass boss”. I did nurse an adult drink for the brief time I was there. I was obviously uncomfortable in the situation of meeting this established group of people and I need to investigate ways to relax and be more open while networking and just getting to know people in a relaxed environment.

I have learned some tips that in hindsight should be applied all the time.

  • Have your introduction ready
  • It’s about getting to know who they are, not your insecurities
  • Mingle with many people, try to talk to everyone who is open to conversation.

How Am I Doing?

My performance on the job can be rated as above average but of course not perfect, 8/10. I think my communication is strong but there were a few instances where I could have communicated information in a timelier manner. I complete most projects either on time or ahead of time, but the amount of time for a task on it could be more efficient. It slacks due to technical issues and having to relearn how to use program functions. When I cannot meet a deadline, I communicate my concerns as soon as it is recognized. Personality wise, I am very much right to business, but I know this is a more relaxed environment where work comes first but being real is also important. While I share honest opinion my personality does not get to shine. With time this will change, but it would be helped to have skills to help break the anxiety quicker.


I started a graphic design project for Wink Brow Bar during my first days at this internship, but as the weeks progressed I have been working more with my supervisor. My co-intern, T who is a graphic designer is assigned to the beauty company project. Our supervisor and T finished the video loop advertising the brand services (eyebrow waxing, threading, and tinting) for Wink. Because I started that project, I do wish I could have completed it, but I know the project is going to be successful in the end. When T needs access to files or wants clarification she texts or calls me. We speak directly to the person we are seeking information from, small team no politics here.

A conflict did come up later in the project when T contacted me to find files. I was meticulous about having the updated files in the Google Drive but the client and I called one file two different things. The file I started were rough mockups for vinyl decals for the Manor location. I called the file Manor Deck and the client called it the Vinyl. T did not investigate the folders that I uploaded to the drive, so she was unaware where the vinyl file was in fact there. This file needed to get the final edit for the printer and the client needed to approve the work. T was presentient with texting me for information, but for me, this was not cutting it and I called her to quickly sort out the issue. Once I got clarification on what this issue was I was able to direct T to the file location.

At the end of the work day, I upload files to the shared drive and email my both the client and Jordan the updated task sheet and project status updates. In the future, I should also include the whole team on the email to avoid miscommunications. Overall, this was a great learning opportunity.


The bulk of my tasks are related to video editing. Currently, I have completed one video blog entry for Jordan’s blog and I am working on sizzles for an online show Love Darviny. The sizzle is to help secure funding for the next season. For this project, I am going to be taught the process for getting sponsors in addition to the correct way to create this media. In addition to video editing, I am also a creating a business to business media deck for an Exude, a Fitness Company. What is interesting about this project is that the client is not actually clear about what they want. We waited for the client to send the copy for the deck and when we received it instead of a complete transcript they wrote a summary of what it should say including an “etc.” instead of indicating intended information. I do not understand.

Now that the internship further along into the term, my defined rolls include but are not limited to designing decks and layouts and video editing. Having my supervisor spell this out for me is helping me refine skills that I will be selling for my own future business is a priceless opportunity.

Here is a link to watch a draft of the sizzle for Love Darviny.

Love Darviny

Work Space!

With Starbaby, I get to learn how to work as a freelancer. When I am not working from home, the team will meet in a free Wi-Fi location, like a nice hotel lobby lounge area. It is an extremely relaxed environment but with a commitment to the work. If we are working on something for a long time and need to take my eyes off the screen for a minute we just communicate that need and go to get a coffee or a snack for a few minutes. What matters is meeting the deadline. I have selected two five-hour blocks that are dedicated just to the internship but more often I am taking the work home.

This is a successful type of work environment for me because it is not high stress and allows for adjustments for unexpected incidents. I am afraid that if I do work for a larger company in the future I would hate the hard and fast rules of what I imagine cooperate life is. When figuring out what I want to do with this degree it was important to me that I work for a small company but not a start-up. Now that I am living that goal I don’t want to stop.

This is the loung to the Maxwell Hotel where we frequent.

More Clients, More Work!

I work with the Chief Executive Officer, Jordan Elisabeth Gelber. I was lucky enough to be referred by Professor during the first week of the semester. At first, I did not think the internship was going to work out, The Jordan was very hard to get in contact with. When I expressed my concerns to the Professor, she encouraged me to reach out in several ways before throwing in the towel. After a week or so of having thin contact with the CEO, we were finally able to have a telephone interview. The process not out of the ordinary. Jordan has had successful interns from City Tech they are referred. So there was established trust and I have a genuine interest in film production, editing, and broadcast design which makes me a good fit for this company. After inquiring about my experience, we set up the starting date.

Once I started I was thrown right in working on concepts for videos and photo shoots for in-house productions. The next week I met with the Beauty Company Client one on one to draft signs and service menus for a new UK location. Currently, I completed a media deck for a fitness company and assigned work for advertisements for a series of events for a new client. While coming to the end of my Senior year in college I have been struggling to figure out where I wanted to take these skills, but this internship is helping to define what ways I will be marketing on upon graduation next year.

My instinct was to jump right in a create fun backgrounds to make the document interesting. The deck was inspired by elements from the companies’ website.



Samples from the 98 page deck


Jumping Right In!

I work with a startup production company called Starbaby Enterprises. The CEO Jordan is transitioning their company focus from public relations, marketing, and counseling to in-house content. This is a small private company where my co-intern T and I work directly with the CEO. The tasks as an intern her is video editing and graphic design.

My first few weeks with the company I was able to work remote from home completing a vlog for the CEO’s YouTube (Vlog) . When the team met for the first time, it was of a hotel lobby of Maxwell. Comfortable work space with great coffee. Because of the Jewish holiday, I met directly with the CEO of the Wink Brow Bar one on one developing in-store signage and service menus.

Bellow are mockups of in-house wall signage for the pending United Kingdom location.

First Floor Wall

Upstairs Back Wall

Above is the working file of the service menu.

Starbaby was founded in August 2013, this year marked their 5th year. During this time the founder was featured in two articles by YHM Mag.

The first article is all about Jordan’s accomplishments. Founding Starbaby at 25 and having a successful career as a graphic designer. She also planned the Janique Fashion Show that was featured in the article also.

The second article The Burlesque Boudoir; All You Need to Know describes Jordan overcoming negative comments from people on a social media post. Her message to the haters, “There is a stigma that women can’t be smart and sexy. I want to show that I could be the brains behind my project and I have the [guts] to really put myself out there.” I couldn’t agree more.