Work Space!

With Starbaby, I get to learn how to work as a freelancer. When I am not working from home, the team will meet in a free Wi-Fi location, like a nice hotel lobby lounge area. It is an extremely relaxed environment but with a commitment to the work. If we are working on something for a long time and need to take my eyes off the screen for a minute we just communicate that need and go to get a coffee or a snack for a few minutes. What matters is meeting the deadline. I have selected two five-hour blocks that are dedicated just to the internship but more often I am taking the work home.

This is a successful type of work environment for me because it is not high stress and allows for adjustments for unexpected incidents. I am afraid that if I do work for a larger company in the future I would hate the hard and fast rules of what I imagine cooperate life is. When figuring out what I want to do with this degree it was important to me that I work for a small company but not a start-up. Now that I am living that goal I don’t want to stop.

This is the loung to the Maxwell Hotel where we frequent.

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