• Reading Notes are to be completed each week.
  • You may wait until the end of the Module to upload them.
  • Create a separate .pdf file for each Reading (#1, #2, #3…..#9, #10)
  • Create a separate .pdf file for each Sketch.
  • Do no submit drawings here.

Module 1:

  • Sketch #1 INSTRUCTIONS:
    • Submit your sketches from the Field Trip on 2/8/24,
    • OR Submit an Egress Path Sketch per class instruction,
    • OR follow directions below:
    • Go to this link a dimensions.com  https://www.dimensions.com/element/straight-stairs and redraw the STRAIGHT RUN STAIR PLAN and SECTION. You need to scroll down and don’t need to draw the elevation portion on the right. You may print out the images, trace them from your screen or transpose them freehand. Add notes, words, title block information and drawing symbols as needed.
    • All sketches should be on plain blank 8 1/2″ x 11″ (minimum) sketch paper, submitted in .pdf format. DO NOT HAND IN ORIGINAL WORK.

Module 2:

Module 3:

For detailed submission formatting requirements, refer to the instructions posted on the ARCH 1231 Course Hub

For information about how these assignments will be graded, refer to the Reading Assignment Grading Info and the Sketch Assignment Grading posts on the ARCH 1231 Course Hub