This assignment focuses on the design of the exterior wall assembly for the case study building, utilizing masonry as the primary material. Each student will develop a system for the exterior wall, document it in two and three dimensions, annotate its components to demonstrate their role in the assembly. Refer to the ARCH 1231 Course Hub Module 2 Overview for more details.

Due Dates

Final Module 2 drawings are to Pinned Up in class for Final Review for Class 10, digital files due before Class 11.


For detailed assignment instructions, refer to the ARCH 1231 Course Hub Module 2 Instructions


For detailed information about how this assignment will be graded, refer to the ARCH 1231 Course Hub Module 2 Assignment Grading Info.


Video Links

Here is a short video showing the construction of a concrete block bond beam used as a lintel over a window or door opening. This illustrates the condition over the window in the Section Drawing.