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Tristan Ramirez In-Class Writing #1

Tristan Ramirez                                                                                                                                               9/12/17

Architecture 1121

Professor Zagaroli

The most impacted event that will have me for this week is the 9/11 attacks. The reason is because my oldest brother was affected by the event the most. At the time my brother was attending High School of Economics and Finance and he witnessed all of it which is the worst that could happen because at a young as a student who is attending high school in the first week can traumatize anyone because you have the feeling that is this certain area safe or not. But impacts me as well because I feel the same affect my brother has, but It bothers me during this week because ever since that day my brother was never the same as he was before. One of the three events that will have the greatest impact is the homework that is due tomorrow. The only day I have off is Thursday during the week so if I had homework due next week or Friday I take the time on Thursdays to do my homework. Going to the school really helps me a lot because at home its harder to do homework and I focus more at the school. I always try to manage my time when deadlines are due especially for certain assignments that require a lot of work. The least important is the past events even though they are lessons in life but not as much what occurs currently in your life right now. The past is mostly what you have done already and you know what to do and what not to do because you learn from your mistakes and you have the time now in the present to fix that and get things done the right way.

Week 1 Homework Assignment



Professor Zagaroli

Introduction about Myself

My name is Tristan Ramirez and I was born on February 3rd, 1999. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am 18 years old as of now. Before I attended City college of Technology, I graduated from High School of Art & Design in Manhattan. I also majored in Architecture so I know a little bit more about what the major deals with and the work that is put into projects. I mainly enjoy making models or drawing perspectives. In my high school we were given a class called Art History that talked about the past of what and how structures were formed and even not just structure wise, but paintings and drawings of medieval time periods and the colonization of America. On weekends for my freshman and sophomore year I signed up for Saturday classes at Cooper Union that offer free classes to learn and gain knowledge from students who attend that school and show other high school students what the studio classes are like. The challenges I have faced is when deadlines are due and I don’t seem to find the time to do certain assignments I get stressed because I don’t manage my time well enough. Most of the time I mostly just stay in the school and do homework because when I go homework it’s too many distractions. The things that I enjoy is playing sports or exploring the city or even go for a walk around my neighborhood and look up or around and admire some the buildings in the city and listen to music and hang-out with friends and family. In this class I am hopefully and willing to gain the knowledge this class offers so I can understand a little bit how structures were built in the past and use the knowledge and be innovative on projects that are due in the future.

ARCH1121 Introduction About Myself

                                      Introduction about Myself

        My name is Jamal Sennon I was born on October 19th 1998. I was Born in Brooklyn New York. I am currently 18 years old. Before college I attended Brooklyn High School of the Arts. I majored in Art. I really enjoy Drawing, and  painting. When I was in High school I would attend programs to practice drawing and learn about different professions that i could eventually proceed in studying in college.When I was in my third year of highschool I signed up for a  architecture class at Cooper Union on weekends. I happened to really enjoy this class and the idea of designing these huge structures. Some challenges I have had in life are being able to manage my time in a way that keeps me from being stressed at the last minute when work is due. Some other things that I enjoy are listening to music, exploring new areas or things i have never seen, and watching movies. In this class I am hoping to gain knowledge on architectural history as well as some extra this on the side that can help me to become better as a student.

ARCH 1121 In class Assignment Jamal Sennon

If I had to choose from the three things listed I would choose going to college. I would choose this because it is one the things that is currently most important to me. I¬†would choose this because those¬† readings and attending those classes are my responsibilities are my¬†mine to fulfill. I feel like I would rather do this than the other two. The past event doesn’t seem as important to me because I didn’t really¬†know much like any¬†people that suffered through the tragedies.¬†¬†However it was still a horrible event that should be recognized. If I could pick a second one it would be the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. I think the homework and attending classes would have the greatest impact on me. I believe this because it would impact my future. Yes voting would also do that but individually as a person I would want to work on better educating myself. History has a big role on the future of each of us. It is able to change the way people think and perceive things in the world. By understanding and seeing things that have repeated in¬†history¬†people are able to predict things or stop them from happening. Also You can learn things¬†from historic events that can help you in your future.

Fabian Chiqui (in class assignment )

Out of the three that was listed above i would say that the one that has the most importance to me is the homework that is due tomorrow. To add also the classes that i have tomorrow. I chose this because if i don’t attend class tomorrow i would probably miss important information. Or if i do not do the homework assigned then my GPA would drop. Out of the three events I think that the 9/11 attack on NYC would have the greatest impact after a week. During the 9/11 many families suffered and including today people still remember that day as if it was yesterday. I remember some of my old high school teachers telling me of how they saw the building burn down. Even though the teacher was not even close to the attack. During that time many people also lost their jobs. The 9/11 event was very tragic and caused many people a great deal of pain. Even though I was of small age during that time I see and feel by the way people describe it that it was a day that will never be forgotten. I think past event are very important but not as important as the present. What I do today will affect my tomorrow. The past already passed, sure you can go back and remember but you can’t change it. Unlike what I do today like if i chose to do my homework or not will affect my tomorrow. You can learn from your past mistakes and improve on it. But if you just stay there you just never grow as a person. In my opinion you look at your past and try to improve on what didn’t work for you. So when the now comes you are ready. For it comes down to this what I do today will affect what happens tomorrow.