ARCH1121 Introduction About Myself

                                      Introduction about Myself

        My name is Jamal Sennon I was born on October 19th 1998. I was Born in Brooklyn New York. I am currently 18 years old. Before college I attended Brooklyn High School of the Arts. I majored in Art. I really enjoy Drawing, and  painting. When I was in High school I would attend programs to practice drawing and learn about different professions that i could eventually proceed in studying in college.When I was in my third year of highschool I signed up for a  architecture class at Cooper Union on weekends. I happened to really enjoy this class and the idea of designing these huge structures. Some challenges I have had in life are being able to manage my time in a way that keeps me from being stressed at the last minute when work is due. Some other things that I enjoy are listening to music, exploring new areas or things i have never seen, and watching movies. In this class I am hoping to gain knowledge on architectural history as well as some extra this on the side that can help me to become better as a student.

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